• 15,000+ UK Traders

    We supply over 15,000 traders in the UK, majoritarily online retailers, some physical retailers.

  • Speed

    58% Of products sent to our mailing list sell out the same day! (Q2 2024)

  • We Get Results

    We averaged an 82% sell out rate site wide! (Q2 2024)


Why are you better than auctions?

Unlike the "Start the bid as low as the client will possibly accept, and hope for the best because we are getting paid either way model". Our prices are set at fixed rates, and we do not accept offers!

We only eat what we kill. Meaning, if we don't deliver results, we don't get paid.

We help sellers with pricing, basing prices on accurate sales data combined with our internal buying data. Meaning, we can charge the maximum possible price that will sell out with 85% accuracy, whilst leaving retailers enough meat on the bone to profit.

How fast do you pay?

We make some of the fastest payments in the liquidation space! We make payments within 72hrs.

What if I don't have the time to list products myself?

Fear not. Our in-house lister can do all the work for you, usually turning listings around within 24hrs Mon-Fri.

The listing and sales proccess is simple:

1. Email/Text a picture, joblot qty, and delivered price to us.

2. Our in-house lister proccesses and uploads these on your behalf.

3. Receive a csv file of orders, ship them and get paid.


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